Keys to the Kingdom: Who Controls Your Online Presence?

It was early in the morning when I received a frantic phone call from a former client. He had just found out that his website was no longer showing up online the night before and he wondered what had happened. Apparently, a former employee had set up his business website and domain name, and my former client was unable to reach this person. Fortunately, after a search through his email, he found relevant passwords and setup information for the website and domain name, so ultimately he was able to recover everything, but this isn’t always the case.

Disputes happen, people move, and people may change their contact information. It’s easy to be left in the lurch if you haven’t taken appropriate precautions to ensure that you have access to your web host, website, and your domain name. If you don’t you could lose your website, domain name, and your reputation, especially if social media accounts are involved. Here’s a few helpful hints on how to ensure that your  digital domain remains under appropriate controls no matter who’s in charge of your web presence:

Put Your Passwords & Account Information in a Safe Place

One of the easiest methods for maintaining information for long periods of time is to store these items in folders in your email, or if your ministry is larger, create an administration account and store important emails, passwords, and correspondence. Having a separate email for website administration is a smart idea because you can designate this account as the sole correspondence account for your online presence and social media accounts, with the option of having these emails forwarded to the people or person who needs to know this information.

Monitor Your Social Media Accounts & Emails Regularly

If you’ve got staff or individuals assisting you with maintaining your online presence, it makes sense to know what their doing. You should be able to login and monitor your ministry’s accounts, and you should be CC’d on any communications between your IT folks and related services. If you’re not in the know on these matters, you could find your reputation, websites, or social media accounts irreparably damaged. Also, if you don’t pay attention to emails from hosting providers re: bills and when domains need to be registered, you could lose your domain name or hosting. You don’t want to know how many times this has happened to business owners.

Don’t Set Up an Online Presence if You Can’t Maintain It

The only thing worse than not having an online presence, is having an online presence that is sparsely updated or left to languish for months on end. It’s easy to get excited about having a website or social media account, but if you can’t maintain your inspiration over the long haul, you’d probably be better of having no online presence or just a placeholder page with your business name, purpose, and address. Too many times, online projects are started and abandoned because people just didn’t have time to invest in an online presence or they didn’t know how to maintain an online business presence in the first place.

Creating and maintaining a business website isn’t rocket science and the Internet can be a wonderful asset for connecting with customers. If you need help creating and maintaining content for your business website, I can help. Please contact me for a quote. I offer quality content with a quick turnaround time at reasonable rates.




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